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Raya Raji

In a world where every corner marks its diversity, understanding it can serve as an eye-opener to the wonders of this world. Everything has its history and roots that need to be understood well to realise its true significance. One such significant event that marks an important day for all the followers of Islam is that of Hari Raya Raji. It falls on July 20th this year.

Hari Raya Raji is the festival that marks the 70th day since Ramadan, which is regarded as the month of fasting for Muslims. It is also called the festival of sacrifice on which the pilgrimages take place, and the meat is given to those who are needy after sacrificing an animal. It is one of the two major festivals for Muslims residing in the multi-religious and multi-racial country Singapore. And this is the reason why this day is regarded as one of the officially declared public holidays there.

The below-stated points will further help in a better understanding of the significance of this day.

About Hari Raya Raji

Hari Raya Raji is the day that is believed to have marked the significance of the commemoration of the faith like that of Prophet Ibrahim, who was ready to sacrifice his son Ismail on the command of God. However, God stopped him at the end moment and gave him an animal instead to be sacrificed. It also serves as an honour to the act of building Kaaba and marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage.

How do Muslims commemorate it?

The usual practice is to do the prayers in the morning, followed by a ritual of sacrificing an animal like goat and sheep. This ritual is called Korban. Some Muslims even choose to fast on this day. However, that is not a compulsion.

What is Korban?

Korban is one of the most important rituals for the day of Hari Raya Raji that must be carried out by every Muslim who has the means to do it. It involves sacrificing the animal towards the direction of Kaaba as a commemoration to Prophet Ibrahim willingness to sacrifice his blood and flesh to God. The animal is then to be cleaned and cooked with the meat given to the needy and shared amongst the community members to mark it as an act of giving.

Hari Raya Raji

The way in which Korban is carried out in Singapore

The ritual in Korban is closely monitored to ensure that animals are well-handled by the experts in a humane manner. It is the reason why this ritual is only allowed to be carried out in one of the 51 Korban centres where the butchers have been trained by the authorities like MUIS and Agri-food and Veterinary Authority (AVA).

This year, as per the statement by MUIS, the import of livestock in Singapore is not allowed considering the pandemic. Instead, one can carry out the ritual in Australia itself with mosques making the arrangement and then send the meat to Singapore.

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